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Chef Monica Wachira
Chef Monica Wachira and Samosas
Matoke and Chai Masala
Chef Monica Wachira and Chicken Curry

Monique's Hot Kitchen 3-course Dinner


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This month, we're excited to introduce Monica Wachira from Monique's Hot Kitchen
Monique's Hot Kitchen is a catering business making authentic Kenyan food. Monica insists on cooking from scratch, using natural ingredients and fresh, high-quality spices. Growing up in Kenya and cooking from the family garden with organic non-GMO produce was an experience that guides Monica’s determination to feed people healthy food as a means to promote good health.

Pick up between 3pm and 6pm

The order deadline has passed, but you can learn more about Chef Monica, her upbringing in Kenya, and her amazing food in her interview with Chef Sabrina Tinsley!
Watch Interview


STARTER (choose one) 
Beef Samosas df
savory pastries filled with lean spicy beef (2)

Veggie Samosas v df
savory pastries filled with vegetables (2)

ENTREE (choose one)
Matoke df gf
traditional meal of raw peeled green bananas, potatoes, beef, dhania leaves, carrots, ginger and garlic, served with sukuma wiki (green kale)

Chicken Curry df gf
stewed chicken with vegetables and spice blend, rice and steamed cabbage

Mandazi v
kenyan doughnut traditionally enjoyed with chai masala (chai masala may be ordered separately below)


ADD ONS (optional)
These delicious items are also available from Monique's Hot Kitchen. Just click below and add to your cart separately.

Chai Masala (hot drink) v gf – 16oz. $4
lightly sweetened tea made by boiling milk with black tea leaves seasoned with tea masala spices (ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and cardamon)

Veggie Samosa v df – $4 ea.
savory pastries filled with vegetables

Beef Samosa df – $4 ea.
savory pastries filled with lean spicy beef

v - vegetarian |  vv - vegan  |  gf - gluten free

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