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Villa Jareda – The Eternal Supper

Chef Sabrina Tinsley is honored to be a part of the launch of the Villa Jareda "The Eternal Supper" campaign which celebrates a woman's place at the table, and seeks to unite people through food and community—believing that "sharing food creates community regardless of where you come from, who you are, how you identify, or the differences we may have."

Sabrina, along with Chefs Renee Erickson, Zara Khan, Emily Crawford Dann, and Yasmina Ksikes, are creating dishes and sharing their recipes using amazing Villa Jareda spices. Chef Sabrina's dish is Brodo d’Agnello allo Zafferano (rich lamb and saffron broth with sumac laced pasta).

Get the recipe here!

Check out the #theeternalsupper campaign on Instagram!