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Last, But Definitely Not Least

All desserts at la Spiga are house-made.

Zuppa Inglese Scomposta v
dark chocolate budino, creme anglais, alchermes infused pan di spagna, raspberry sorbetto 12

Panna Cotta agli Agrumi gf
lemon panna cotta with orange, grapefruit and citrus caramel 9

Tartufo Nero v
house-made chocolate gelato surrounding a chocolate hazelnut center 9
> try your Tartufo Nero affogato:
   - with brandy: add $6
   - with espresso: add $2.5

Gelato v o Sorbetto vv
house-made gelato or sorbet 9
(flavors change daily, your server will let you know what Chef’s churning today)

Il Mascarpone di Ida v
la Spiga's popular tiramisu* 9
(Pietro's mother's recipe.)

Tris dei Dolci
chef’s selection of three of our house-made desserts 14

v – vegetarian
vv – vegan
gf – gluten free
df – dairy free

*As per Italian tradition, we use fresh raw organic eggs in the composition of our tiramisu. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs has been known to cause foodborne illness.

we serve Caffe Umbria coffee and feature espresso drinks and drip coffee, regular and decaf


Amarcord 9
Dewar’s, Amaretto, orange

Charger 12
vodka, Varnelli Caffe Moka, Averna Crema, Caffe Umbria espresso

Fernet About It 12
Fernet Branca, Fernet Vallet, Fernet Jelinek, Punt e Mes (rocks)

Schwartz 16
Averna, Chartreuse, Angostura, Lime (shaken/shot)


Albana Passito Font’Enea 9
Emilia-Romagna, Albana

Albana Passito Arroco Zerbina 10
Emilia-Romagna, Albana

Albana Passito Remoto Madonia 11
Emilia-Romagna, Albana

Assoluto Passito Pala 14
Sardegna, Nasco, Vermentino

Gradisca Fattoria Pardiso 10
Emilia-Romagna, Albana “L’Eremita” Ca’ Rugate 12
Veneto – Recioto della Valpolicella

“La Perlara” Ca’ Rugate
10 Veneto – Recioto di Soave

Cuor di Cioccolata Pisoni 6
Trentino - Chocolate liquor with Grappa

Vin Santo Castello di Meleto 10
Toscana – Malvasia

Vin Santo Castello di Ama 14
Toscana - Malvasia

Vin Santo “Farnito” Carpineto 14
Toscana – Malvasia, Trebbiano

Vin Santo Badia a Coltibuono 10
Toscana – Malvasia, Trebbiano

Vin Santo “Occhio di Pernice” 16
Toscana – Chianti Classico

Barolo Chinato Cocchi 9
Piemonte – Nebbiolo

Fior d’Arancio Vignalta 10 Veneto - Moscato

Bombardino 9

Sambuca Meletti 9

Anisette Meletti 9

Cioccolato Meletti 9

Limoncello Meletti 9

Visciola Terracruda 9
Marche – Wine and Wild Viscola Cherries

HM Borges Reserva Doce 5 9
Portugal – Madeira

HM Borges Reserva Doce 10 16
Portugal – Madeira

Porto Rocha 3 Century 24
Portugal – yr avg Tawny

Porto Rocha Very Old White 21
Portugal – White Tawny

Porto Kopke Colheita 1967 32
Portugal – White Tawny

Porto Smith Woodhouse 8
Portugal - Tawny

Porto Quinta Nova 10
Portugal – Tawny

Sauci “Orange” Sherry 7
Spain – Jerez

Alvear Solera 1830 Sherry 35
Spain – Jerez

Don Guido 20 yr 16
Spain – Pedro Ximenez

Poli Miele 8

Nocino Notte di S. Giovanni 10

Nardini Tagliatella 10

Nardini Acqua di Cedro 10

Nardini Flight 16
Amaro Bassano, Acqua di Cedro, Tagliatella


Items and prices are subject to change.


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