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Bono Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“Bono” is smooth and sweet with a mild fruit flavor that gives way to a splash of citrus with a peppery finish. Imported from Sicily by friends of La Spiga. This is the olive oil that we use in our house apple cider vinaigrette. We also use it as a finishing oil on some of our menu items. Though we do not cook with Bono in the restaurant, this is a quality extra virgin olive oil that may also double as a cooking oil in your home.

Desert Miracle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“Desert Miracle” has a very sweet and delicate style with plenty of pepper and nuances of sorrel, cucumber, red berries and nuts. Sustainably grown, hand harvested, and pressed in the desert lands of Morocco, imported by friends of La Spiga. In the restaurant we use Desert Miracle as a finishing oil.

Additional Notes about Desert Miracle: This olive oil is produced in Marrakech by the Aqallal family, and has received the “Grand Mention Diploma by the XVIII International Award LEONE DORO DEI MASTRI OLEARI in Italy. Desert Miracle was in competition with the best and most balanced italian, spanish and greek olive oils. This competition is organized yearly by a corporation of Italian olive oil masters. Winning such an Award in Italy, the country where olive oil is at its best, is a real satisfaction for the Aqallal Family. In addition, Desert Miracle has won gold medals and other recognition in competitions the world over including Los Angeles, Germany and China. Look for other oils by the Aqallal family including Atlas Extra Virgin Olive Oil (which La Spiga uses as our cooking oil) and Les Terroirs de Marrakech.

Urbani Truffle Products
The Urbani family has been a prestigious and respected name in the truffle business for generations, La Spiga has noticed and so have our customers. Our tagliatelle with truffle butter has been nominated by many regulars as a “must have” during every visit. We sell both the white Alba truffle butter and the white truffle oil (our two favorites) for your enjoyment at home. Use the butter with your favorite cooked pasta (cooked in salted water for best results) and toss with Parmigiano Reggiano. The oil is best drizzled over your favorite savory dishes. Most popular flavor pairings with truffles are: eggs, cheeses (both strong and mild), simple grilled meats, chicken, pasta, mushrooms, vegetables such as asparagus and salads.

La Spiga’s House Tomato Sauce
Over the years, Chef Sabrina Tinsley has learned many dishes from Italian mother-in-law, Ida Borghesi, but one of the most precious was La Spiga’s house tomato sauce, or Sugo di Pomodoro as it is referred to in Italy. Made with a combination of fresh and canned tomatoes, this versatile sauce is well balanced and convenient to use for the home cook. It is as close to homemade as you can get because we make it here at La Spiga and jar it for use in your kitchen. Simply heat to a boil and toss with your favorite pasta and grated Parmigiano Reggiano. For ragu, simply brown ground meat and or sausage of your choice then add the sauce and cook for about 15 minutes. For other pasta sauces try adding any of the following ingredients: tuna, capers, olives, sautéed vegetables, or anything else that you can imagine. Our house tomato sauce also adds richness and balance to your favorite soups and braises.

La Vecchia Dispensa 30th Anniversary Balsamic
Family owned for generations, La Vecchia Dispensa produces quality balsamic vinegar in the classic Modena tradition. La Spiga uses and sells the 30th Anniversary rendition which is their gold label product. With a thick texture and sweet taste which alternates with a well balanced level of acidity, this is a balsamic vinegar that pairs well with cheese, grilled vegetables, ice-cream, panna cotta, strawberries and other fresh fruits. It also adds a delightful finishing touch to warm dishes such as risotto, tortelli and other pastas and can add an interesting twist to meat dishes as well. A little drizzle goes a long way for dressing your favorite salads. We at La Spiga also enjoy sipping on a small shot of 30th Anniversary balsamic vinegar as an effective and delicious after dinner digestivo.

Volpaia Red Wine Vinegar
Best known for their wines in the Chianti region, Castello di Volpaia also makes a superb red wine vinegar. Starting with a fine chianti wine, the vinegar goes through a meticulous aging process involving oak and chestnut wood chips and dried vine cuttings allowing the wine to oxidize properly and preserve the aroma and flavor of the wine. The final touch is aging the red wine vinegar in chestnut and oak vats for 10 to 12 months. We recommend using this red wine vinegar in salad dressings, marinades, as a balancing acid for braises and meats, to liven up fresh fruit and it also adds a refreshing touch to cocktails.


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