Craft Cocktails

Enjoy Cocktails Made with Fresh-squeezed Citrus, and Homemade Garnishes, Syrups & Mixes


(first things first)

Ambrogino 11
zucca rabarbaro, campari, vanilla, soda (rocks)

Americano 10
campari, punt e mes, prosecco, soda (rocks)

Spritz 10
choose one: served with prosecco and orange
> Aperol
> Campari
> Contratto Bitter
> Contratto Apertif
> Cynar
> Luxardo
> Meletti 1870 Bitter
> Mezzodi
> Rosso Antico Aperitivo


Bianco 14
martin miller gin, gran classico bitter, contratto bianco (up)

Classico 13
bombay sapphire, campari, sweet vermouth (up)

Jabroni 14
malfy gin, contratto bitter, ramazotti (up)

Sbagliato 12
campari, sweet vermouth, prosecco (up)

Vintage 13
tanqueray, campari, carpano antica (large cube)


Boulvardier di Mimmo 13
james e. pepper 1776 rye, cinnamon/vanilla infused campari, carpano antica (up)

Fumógeno 13
amaras mezcal, liquore di strega, cardamom, ginger beer, hibiscus, lime (rocks)

Invernale 14
blavod vodka, st. elizabeth allspice dram, lazzaroni amaretto, lemon, soda (rocks)

Soccia 13
occitan gin di piedmont, finnochieto, lavender, lemon, prosecco (up)

Z’babbo Manhattan 14
rittenhouse rye, scarpa rosso, angostura & cherry bitters (up)

Caipiroshka 12
chili infused vodka, lime, passion fruit (rocks)


Blackberry Lime Soda 6
blackberry syrup, lime, soda

Lemoncocco 5
sicilian lemon, coconut water, coconut cream (12 oz)

Lurisia (9.3oz) 5
aranciata, chinotto, or gazzosa

Bradley's Kina Tonic 5

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 4

Lurisia Still / Sparkling Water 6

La Spiga also has an extensive list of Vermouth, Amari e Digestivi. Please see PDF menu for the full list.

Note: bitters contains alcohol


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