Meet Our Family

  • Sabrina Tinsley

    Sabrina Tinsley

    Executive Chef / Co-Founder

    Chef Sabrina’s lifelong love of cooking and passion for creating flavorful dishes has made her one of Seattle’s most sought after and favorite chefs. While growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska, Sabrina and her mother created many meals together, using fresh herbs and vegetables from their family garden and wild fish and game from Alaska’s bounty.

    After meeting her husband and La Spiga co-Founder, Pietro Borghesi, in Salzburg, her journey brought her to the Emilia-Romagna region of northeastern Italy. During the next five years, Sabrina’s love for the outstanding flavors and the ubiquitous food culture of regional Italy soared, and she knew she wanted to return to the United States to share her passion with others.

    Chef Sabrina has been has featured on radio and television programs, including an Iron Chef competition against Chef Bobby Flay. Read Sabrina's full bio here.

  • Pietro Borghesi

    Pietro Borghesi

    Business & Marketing Manager / Co-Founder

    If you've met the exuberant Pietro, you'll understand why many say he is the "personality" and quintessential host of Osteria La Spiga. He was raised in Cesena, in the beautiful Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Growing up in this historic, culinary region endowed him with a deep love and appreciation for authentic, high quality Italian food and wine. His upbringing, coupled wth his experience in the Italian food industry, has been a vital part of Osteria La Spiga’s success. He and his wife, Chef and co-founder, Sabrina Tinsley, ran a successful piadina shop in Italy before bringing their talents to Seattle. ("Piadina" is the rustic, traditional, house-made bread now enjoyed at La Spiga.)

    When Pietro isn't doting on guests, he can be found assisting Sabrina with prep work in the kitchen and proudly claims he is the “official taster” for the restaurant.


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